Saturday, 18 July 2015

IT was thirtieth december.
The day when our eyes had opened ajar!
"What's going on all around ?"
cried every person in every town!

A young girl in the early
walks of her life-
had to passby from this materialistic 
world to the heavenly abode-
to rest in peace.
Dumbstruck were the college ,school-goers
the teachers,the heads of companies!

Shocked were the mothers while-
the fathers....they aroused the question-
"was it a good time
for her to quit from life"?

"Why not punish them ,
who had sexually harassed her"?
the teens had raised their -
voices in unison.

But dear reader who cares?
The media does its dutyby flashing
the news in the newspapers!
The political readers are extremely 
methodical in conducting their lectures!

As time passes by every body forgets
this incident without demanding any punishment
yet being aware that this incident may take place
again and again and again and again!

Dear reader let's come forward 
and join our hands together!
Why should we keep any barrier 
when we all bear the same tricolour!
How long will the girls continue to fight 
for their living rights is the only question-
 that haunts my mind!



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