Monday, 31 August 2015

Today I'm here to
tell you a short-story
which may relate to many
of us or may have been
the witness-
to such sort of cases

I have seen girls
who love to unfurl
the message of being
modern after coming
to college where just
being dipped in books
had been their pledge!

Dear reader,do you know
the reason for this change?
This is nothing but influence.
Rather to be more precise
I feel this to be a negative influence
on the cultured-conservative
girls from the so-called city girls

I have seen the girls
being influenced just by dresses
hair-styles and speaking skills.
Inserting a few english words
seems to them a better option
rather than making a few efforts
in learning the language!

Wearing short tops and tight jeans
and putting on high-heels
makes them look more personified
rather than wearing a suit
and  look dignified!

Why is it so that girls
are influenced just by dresses?
Why is it so that girls
cannot take up the cosmopolitan
attitude and broaden up their minds
are the questions that haunt me
day and night?


The single streak of the sunrays
through my bedroom's window
gives birth to a new dawn ,
It gives birth to a new hope.

The cheerful birds on the trees
makes me think "life is trouble-free"
The cold soothing morning breeze
enlivens my spirit
I get an urge to live-
My heart says "Live for today"!

As the day rolls on
I feel like bringing perfection
in every work I do!
When I see depressed faces
leaning against the walls or glass-panes
I feel like walking up to them and say
"For every minute you cry
you loose sixty seconds of your happiness"

Sometimes I want to reveal to
the world the unknown yet
well-known secret
of my everlasting happiness!
It is "don't pay much heed
to what others say.
Do what your heart say
is right"!
"Don't get to flow with the river
Yes at times you maybe disliked
by others,but in this way
your happiness and your tears
will give you a joy forever!

Have tremendous faith in yourself
and be determined to get the best.
because it's our determination
which changes our fate!
Since it's not our fate
which will determine our destiny
so dear reader,